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Islamic Wedding Cards

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Regardless of faith, marriage ceremony is one of the most joyous occasions. It gives the golden opportunity to everyone to enfold into the circle of true love. Therefore, to enhance the glory of this auspicious occasion it is very much essential to design the wedding card in an aesthetic manner. Wedding invites are truly welcomed by invitees. Hence they need to be allured to the maximum so that they may attend the party with gusto.

Sending of Islamic Wedding Cards Online

Most of the attention is paid to the aesthetic along with cultural and religious aspects of cards along with the message included. Islamic wedding cards online are sent out to invitees to inform about the details in association with wedding ceremony. Gone are those days when people used to post invitation cards in the form of letters. The facility of sending invitations through online mode has proved to be a highly flexible option.

You may easily announce about the ceremony to a plethora of invitees within a few clicks. No risk of getting delayed invitations along with missing out the name of anybody. Wedding invite is all about the details in association with the occasion. It may include activities like:

To be precise, wedding invite serves much higher purpose than said in actual. Islamic wedding cards are highly traditional as you will truly come across typical colors along with designs. Keeping religious significance in due consideration, green has been chosen as a recurring color for Islamic wedding cards. Apart from green; other most popular colors include gold, red and cream. Red is also considered to be a highly auspicious color due to its ability to represent fertility of a marriage ceremony.

It also reflects the red color of the design of Mehendi on the palms of bride. The Muslim heritage brings out the beauty along with poetry of the Afghans as well as Mughals. The same gets reflected in case of Nikaah too. Typically, Islamic wedding cards carry designs of aesthetic Mughal art. Highly aesthetic and exclusive designs of leaves, domes, patterns, feathers of peacock and many more are commonly used in case of Islamic wedding cards online.

Islamic Wedding Cards Online

Islamic Wedding Cards Online | Image Resource :

Selective decorative items like stones as well as bindis are employed for embellishing traditional designs. Additional inclusions that make the wedding card look awesome include:

    • Metallic paper
    • Handmade paper
    • Satin
    • Silk
    • Velvet

Exclusive Inclusion in Online Islamic Wedding Cards

Most of the Islamic wedding cards include some selective and inspirational verses of the Quran. They are included for the purpose of bestowing blessings to the couple to carry on with the journey with glory and grandeur. Marriage is a starting of a new life. Thus, it is natural to get blessings at the time of embarking on such a partnership. Addition to verses, some Islamic wedding cards also includes selective symbols of significance that include calligraphy and many more.

Due to presence of a plethora of varieties of Islamic cards for numerous occasions, it has become possible to give a trial to special types of cards to make the occasion a truly memorable one. Ordering wedding cards online comprise of numerous benefits. Nowadays, online stores permit customers to get highly customized wedding invites printed with due ease. Also, it has become possible to send out stunning yet unique cards to invitees.

At the time of purchasing Islamic wedding cards online, it is better to switch on to shops that specialize in such special types of cards. It is better to shop around to get into touch with the most reliable online store. The more you compare, easier it will become to halt to the best decision regarding ordering of wedding cards.