Carbon Nanotube Synthesis

Detailed Note About Carbon Nanotube Synthesis

Carbon Nanotube Synthesis

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Carbon nanotubes get manufactured each and every time it gets mixed with light. They get mixed up to give rise to something new. The process of synthesis is carried out in terms of making a considerable quantity of pure nanotubes comprising of minimal contamination. It is considered to be a great deal as it demands usage of numerous equipments along with techniques.

The procedure of synthesis has become very common nowadays as doing so gives rise to something new. Carbon nanotube synthesis requires equipments to comprise of tubes having almost same length along with width. Thus, maximum high volume methods of synthesis hardly provide high control over diameter and length of tube.

Carbon Nanotube Synthesis – Carried through Various Methods

The technique in actual requires thorough biasing of a carbon rod with the help of high voltage. Afterwards, the voltage gets discharged from the rod followed by rapid heating and vaporizing of some amount of carbon. Carbon vapor is allowed to cool down so that carbon nanotubes get produced.

In maximum cases, the arc discharge method is applied. The method in general involves the usage of inert gas supply along with vacuum chamber. By introducing proper metal ions, it becomes easy to go with synthesis of carbon nanotubes. After proper optimization of the same, it will become easy to turn carbon into carbon nanotubes.

Additional Procedures for Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes

There are additional methods that may be taken into usage for synthesis of carbon nanotubes. Laser ablation is another most popularly used method. In this particular methodology, a pulsed laser helps in vaporizing the graphite target within a reactor comprising of high temperature followed by blending of inert gas into the chamber.

You may also synthesize carbon nanotubes with the help of thermal plasma method too. This method takes carbon containing gas into usage instead of vapors of graphite. This particular makes the procedure sufficient enough.